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The Treasurer responsible for managing an organization’s financial aspects, including risk management, cash management, investment decisions, and financial planning. They should have a strong understanding of financial legislation, market trends, and financial management software. Currently Mr. Nadeem Mushtaq is an Treasurer Emerson University, Multan since April, 2024.

Contact info

Phone: (+92) - 061 - 9210161
Address: Treasurer Office, Emerson University, Multan

Office of the Treasurer maintains books of accounts and records all the financial transactions. Cash based system of accounting compliant with GoP system is followed although there is gradual shift towards NAM (New Accounting Manual under implementation in GoP). Treasurer’s Office coordinates with Banks and maintains full details of money received from different sources. Budgetary support provided by Federal Government is the biggest chunk of revenues followed by Fees and Dues collection.

EUM has a comprehensive program of student’s financial aid and scholarships. More than 50% students get some sort of financial assistance emanating from multi-faceted sources. Our Students Affairs Section closely coordinates with stakeholders and ensures that all moneys are disbursed within time and provides records to Administration.

Federal Government through HEC also runs a number of research programs for PhD and MPhil Students which is heavily sponsored. Disbursements to beneficiaries are made on monthly basis and transactions records are provided to all concerned.

Mr. Nadeem Mushtaq
Dr. Abdul Mueed
Additional Treasurer
Dr. Raheel Akhtar
Deputy Treasurer
Dr. Muhammad Irfan Javaid
Deputy Treasurer
Wasif Mehmood Ahmad Malik
Deputy Treasurer