Welcome to the Department of Biosciences and Technology, a dynamic hub of innovation and discovery at the forefront of interdisciplinary research. With four distinct programs under its umbrella—Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, and Forensic Sciences—we are dedicated to exploring the vast potential of the biological sciences. Our department thrives on the synergy between these diverse fields, fostering a collaborative environment where students and researchers alike can push the boundaries of knowledge and make groundbreaking contributions to society. Whether unraveling the mysteries of the cell, decoding the genome, or applying scientific principles to criminal investigations, our programs offer unparalleled opportunities for academic excellence and real-world impact. Join us on a journey of exploration and innovation as we navigate the exciting frontier of biosciences and technology.


Promoting a conducive environment for bioscience and technology in the nation as a whole so that emerging biosciences can play a leading role in meeting the needs of the fast-paced powers of science. Provide students with a collaborative learning environment by making innovative discoveries in key areas of disciplines which Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics and Forensic Sciences, creating innovative solutions to practical problems and developing innovative solutions. Develop new technologies for commercial applications. The Department of Special Training is committed to providing an exceptional environment and mentoring tomorrow’s workforce through a challenging curriculum, scholarship research, original research design and implementation, and interactive partnerships.


The Department of Biosciences and Technology brings together a talented group of faculty, students, postdocs and staff who work together on innovative research in biotechnology, forensic sciences, biochemistry, molecular biology, bioinformatics, structural biology and biophysics, cell and developmental biology, plant biology, immunology, pathology and infectious diseases. Our research is characterized by a strong conceptual and quantitative focus which combines field and laboratory experiments with sophisticated statistical and computational models and cutting edge technologies. Our faculty and their teams not only make discoveries that change the world, they leverage these discoveries to integrate into state-of-the art courses and training experiences for undergraduate and graduate students as part of our core educational mission. Collaborative activity among research groups creates a lively and productive research environment and provides comprehensive training opportunities throughout modern biological sciences.

Best wishes,

Muhammad Aleem Ashraf
Assistant Professor/ HOD


Dr. Muhammad Aleem Ashraf
Assistant Professor/ HoD
Post Doc. & Ph.D. (Molecular Biology)
Dr. Zureesha Sajid
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Biotechnology)
Dr. Raheela Waheed
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Biotechnology)
Dr. Anam Nayab
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Natural Sciences) from University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China.
Dr. Faluk Shair
Assistant Professor-IPFP
Ph.D. (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology)
Offered Program
  • BS Biochemistry
  • BS Biotechnology
  • BS Forensic Sciences
Future Program
  • BS Bioinfomatic
  • MS Biochemistry
  • MS Biotechnology
  • MS Forensic Sciences
Administrative Staff
Teaching System

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