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Dr. Muhammad Farooq has been serving as Registrar of Emerson University, Multan since February 2024. He holds a Ph.D. in Education and brings over 30 years of administrative experience to the role.

At Emerson University, our Registrar’s Office serves as a central support department, offering a wide range of services essential to the university’s academic and administrative operations.

Contact info

Phone: (+92) - 061 - 9210073
Address: Registrar Office, Emerson University, Multan

These services encompass everything from faculty recruitment and development to student admissions, record-keeping, graduation ceremonies, and career guidance. Additionally, the office supports the systems, processes, and structures that form the foundation of our academic administration and records management. The Registrar leads this office and reports directly to the office of the Vice Chancellor.

Excellence in Service: We strive to provide a committed and professional service that is recognized as outstanding by those we serve. Our interactions are approachable and courteous, demonstrating both expertise in current practices and awareness of future developments.
Integrity and Transparency: We prioritize addressing issues directly with honesty and integrity, offering accurate information and consistently fair advice.
Continuous Improvement: We foster simplicity, openness, and ongoing reflection. We welcome constructive criticism and employ technology strategically to enhance our effectiveness.

Dr. Muhammad Farooq
Mian Muhammad Nawaz
Additional Registrar
Dr. Muhammad Saeed Nasir
Deputy Registrar (Acad)
Dr. Rehan Muhammad
Deputy Registrar (Admin)
Dr. Abdullah Bin Omar
Deputy Registrar (General)
Muhammad Arif Khan
Assistant Registrar (HR)