Department of Political Science

Head of Department: Muhammad Usman Jan


The Department of Political Science, the Emerson University Multan, cherishes a hundred-year history of excellence. Since the establishment of the college in1920, the Department of Political Science historically developed three different phases and kept serving the society by providing knowledge about political behaviour. The Department’s goal is to deepen knowledge and understanding of one of the most powerful forces operating on people, communities and companies today, namely government and politics in Pakistan and around the world. This kind of understanding is very important for all citizens. Highly educated academic faculty has been equipping the students with the skills needed in various departments. Not surprisingly, alumni of Political Science can be found succeeding in many different professions and organizations including law and business. Some of the alumni are serving as CEOs of several companies. Some Alumni find government so fascinating that they make government service their career.The intellectual skills acquired at the Department of Political Science area great foundation for future success.


Muhammad Usman Jan
Associate Professor
M.A Political Science (Gold Medalist)
Zulfiqar Ahmad
Assistant Professor
M.A. Political Science
Rana Muhammad Arshad Noon
Assistant Professor
M.A. Political Science
Munwar Laal
MPhil Political Science
Sagheer Ahmad
Assistant Professor
MPhil (History)

Programs Offered

  • BS Political Science (Morning /Evening)

Future Programs

The Department of Political Science Emerson University Multan intends to launch after securing NOC from Higher Education Commission Pakistan (HEC) in near future.
  • M.Phil (Evening)
  • Week-end Programs
  • Online Short Courses