Department of Chemistry

Head of Department: Mian Muhammad Nawaz


Emerson University Multan is one of the most prestigious institutions of South Punjab in particular and the country in general. Since the establishment of Emerson College in 1920, the faculty of chemistry has been providing quality education to its students, which is well reflected in the absorption of many of its graduates by many public and private sectors within the country and abroad. The Faculty including 46 PhD and M. Phil members are renowned teachers with proven excellence in their fields of interest. Multi-dimensional fields of interest of faculty members include synthesis and characterization of organic compounds, Natural products isolation and characterization, study on organo metallics, catalysis, drug designing, molecular docking, chemical kinetics, environmental sampling and analysis, biochemistry, computational chemistry, green chemistry, and carbon sequestration.

Mission Statement

The Department aims to provide dynamically updated programs in the field of chemistry, to promote vigorous research, to enable students to analyze and solve real-world problems and to encourage students to learn and carry out research work for the benefit of humanity.


Mian Muhammad Nawaz
M.Phil (Organic Chemistry)
Dr. Nadeem Raza
Associate Professor
PhD (Analytical Chemistry)
Post Doc
Muhammad Akram
M.Sc Chemistry
Dr. Muhamamad Tariq Shehzad
Assistant Professor
PhD (Organic Chemistry)
Shakoor Ahmad
Assistant Professor
M.Phil (Physical Chemistry)
Dr. Muhammad Kashif
Assistant Professor
PhD (Bio Chemistry)
Shumaila Wasif
Assistant Professor
M.Phil (Inorganic Chemistry)
Dr. Abrar Mohyuddin
PhD (Analytical Chemistry)
Muhammad Arif Khan
M.Phil.(Analytical Chemistry)
Wasif Mehmood
M.Phil. (Organic Chemistry)
M.Phil (Inorganic Chemistry)

Programs Offered

  • BS Chemistry (Morning /Evening)

Future Programs

  • MPhil Chemistry
  • PhD Chemistry