Department of CS & IT

Head of Department: Muhammad Jasim Shah


The Department of CS & IT traces its history back in 2010, when the Govt. of Punjab established well equipped IT Centre at Govt. Emerson University, Multan. For students, choosing an IT or CS program is difficult, but significant decision. Our IT program is all about innovation, flexibility, and convenience. We are dedicated to developing the finest degree program and producing graduates with diversified set of skill, roles and experiences, including knowledge in Software Engineering, Networking, Information assurance, Cyber security and Multimedia production. All IT courses focus on critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, interpersonal and communication skills. Our IT programs prepare students to solve problems and apply new technologies within an increasingly interconnected and changing global environment. They emphasize career success through lifelong learning and professional development at all levels of the curriculum.

Mission Statement

The Department creates the environment of create, share, and applying knowledge in Computer Science & Information Technology, including interdisciplinary areas that extend the scope of Computer Science & Information Technology and benefit humanity. It provides high quality instruction to our students, and equips them with state of the art knowledge and skills in Information Technology and Computer Science that they need to take up real-world challenges.


Muhammad Jasim Shah
BS Computer Science
Rana Muhammad Saleem

Programs Offered

  • BS Information Technology (Morning/Evening)

Future Programs

  • BS Computer Science (Morning/Evening)
  • Certification & Diploma in IT & Computer Science