Department of Islamic Studies

Head of Department: Mahmooda Irfan Wyne


Department of Islamic Studies, Emerson University Multan cherishes a hundred-year history of excellence. Since the establishment of the college in 1920, the faculty of Islamic Studies has been serving the national and international community in various ways. Highly educated academic faculty has been equipping the students with the skills needed in various departments. As a result, many alumni had worked and have been working in courts, bureaucracy, parliament, local administrations, education, and other fields of life. We take pride that the Department has 4 faculty members including 1 PhD and 2 MPhil degree holders. Reconstituted in 2021 as Emerson University Multan, the Department of Islamic Studies is now offering its own degree programs, initially launching BS Islamic Studies. The Islamic Studies Department has its own library. The hallmark of the Islamic Studies Department is to promote quality research competitively at the international level following, of course, all standards of excellence set by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for all universities in Pakistan. In addition to providing theoretical knowledge to find the balance between world and islamic domains, the Department of Islamic Studies, strictly pursues to groom a student community along with the modern international ethos of humanistic feelings, enlightened thinking and global intellectual freedom paving the way for progressive creativity, opening new vistas of knowledge, essential for promoting a sense of global peace, harmony and holistic advancement of the world.

Mission Statement

In the modern age of science and technology, our society especially our youth is losing its interest in Islamic Knowledge and there is also lack of moral conduct in their dealings. In order to get the youth closer to the Islamic conduct, the Department of Islamic Studies guides the students develop their personalities according to the teachings of Islam. This Department is not only providing services in its own department but also teaching the students enrolled in other departments of university at various semesters of different BS programs so that the students must be prepared for professional lives according to Islamic domains.


Mehmooda Irfan Wyne
MPhil Islamic Studies
M.A (Education)
Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Saleem
Associate Professor
PhD Islamic Studies
Hafiz Jawad Ashraf
Assistant Professor
M.A Islamic Studies
M.A Eng (Lit.)
Muhammad Farman Ali
Ph.D Scholar

Programs Offered

  • BS Islamic Studies (Morning/Evening)

Future Programs

The Department of Islamic Studies Emerson University Multan intends to launch after securing NOC from Higher Education Commission Pakistan (HEC) in near future.
  • M.Phil. Islamic Studies
  • Week-end Programs