Controller of Examinations

Transparent and standardized evaluation of students’ performance is the key component of any University’s educational repute and goodwill. The Office of the Controller Examinations at Emerson University Multan is contributing its best to the academic credibility of the University. The dedicated team of the Office of Controller Examination works hard under the supervision of the Controller Examinations. Our aim is to provide the best facilities to the departments and students for smooth conduct of examinations and timely announcement of the results. Primarily, this Office guards the quality standards of the University examinations and enforce the semester rules and regulations in line with University guidelines. The main functions of the Office of Controller Examinations include the following:

  • To hold and conduct examinations / manage admission tests,
  • To prepare and announce in advance the calendar of examinations,
  • To make arrangement of examinations as scheduled,
  • To arrange the marking and evaluation of answer sheets from examiners,
  • To implement decisions of hardship case committees, unfair means committee, or discipline committee,
  • To notify the results of students,
  • To prepare results, notifications, transcripts and degrees.

In the prevailing milieu of online and hybrid phase of education worldwide, the Office of Controller Examinations plans in future to introduce an effective online examination system and automation, ensuring the validity and transparency of the examinations.

Prof. Dr. Abrar Abdul Salam

Controller of Examinations

Emerson University Multan