The Mission of the University is to function as body corporate to provide for education in such branches of knowledge as it may deem fit, and make provisions for research, teaching, service to the society and for the application, advancement and dissemination of knowledge in such manner as it may determine. The University shall establish and support other facilities for education, training and research, prescribe courses of studies, decide teaching methods and strategies in order to ensure the most effective educational training programs. The University has set its targets to provide career counselling and job search services to the students and alumni, maintain linkages with the alumni, provide and support the academic development of the faculty of the University, and promote extracurricular activities and recreational activities of the students and make arrangements for promoting the health and general welfare of the students. The University shall be open to all persons irrespective of gender, religion, race, caste, creed, class or colour, and the University shall not deny its privileges to a person on any such ground.